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We aim to develop people through learning and achievement for the benefit of themselves, society and the economy. Our focus is on meeting national and regional education, skills and employability needs for individuals and the need of employers in line with Government priorities.

We deliver quality education, training, employability and work-based learning solution to thousands of organisations and learners. These include Government funded and commercial skills training and education, bespoke professional courses, employability services and regional training contracts. We continue to develop unrivalled provision and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers, people and communities, through fostering outstanding people relationships.

Mission Statement

Transforming students' lives and our community through outstanding education, training and support.

Vision Statement

Aspiring, innovating and achieving through excellence.

Value Statements

  • Excellence - we strive for excellence to realise the potential of our students and staff
  • Knowledge - we promote the value of learning in fostering curious minds and to aid the acquisition of knowledge and skills;
  • Empowerment - We empower and support our students and staff to develop their lives through education and training;
  • Equity - We promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our teaching, training, support and customer services;
  • Commitment - we are committed to the education, training and support of our students and staff;
  • Respect - We treat everyone as individuals and with respect.

View our Strategic Plan 2022-25