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Climate change and environmental destruction are some of the biggest challenges of our time.

  • Embedding sustainability into our college culture,
  • Beginning our journey to carbon net-zero,
  • Connecting more effectively and investing in our communities;

Are the core commitments towards the College becoming a more sustainable business. Developing Environmental, Social and Governance aspects of our operations and curricular areas.

The growing movement for increased ESG transparency, sees the launch of this platform area. As one of the many proactive ways we are embarking on to drive positive progress, as we steer a pathway to balancing the overall impact on people, the planet and the economy.

A ‘code red for humanity’ was issued by a United Nations (UN) report in 2021, warning of increasingly extreme heatwaves, droughts and flooding. The world is now having five times the number of recorded weather disasters than 1970 and they are seven times costlier.

Understanding and managing climate change impacts provides some degree of resilience from this challenge. Acting to reduce and manage the risks are relevant to the College’s long-term success.

Energy and Carbon Reporting