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Why should you offer work placements?

Employers already offering work placements have identified several key benefits.

These included the following:

  • Try before you buy recruitment for future vacancies
    Promoting a good public image to the community and other potential employees
  • Demonstrating a commitment to social responsibility by helping students develop
    general employability skills, and specific industry knowledge
  • Providing current employees with an opportunity to supervise/manage the placement
    student and develop their own skills
  • Bringing new ideas and skills into the business
  • Cost-effective, flexible support with:
  1. Projects
  2. Day-to-day tasks
  3. Activities
  4. Peaks and troughs

Providing placements benefits for wider economy and for society as a whole as it provides people with opportunities to gain a meaningful experience of work, develop skills, and understand specific companies, sectors and industries.

Along with providing both inspiration and aspiration to young people; offering a work placement can be beneficial for you for a number of reasons:

  • Reducing the cost of recruitment: providing work placements can be a way to access the local labour market and ‘try before you buy’.
  • Staff development: supervising and coaching young people on a work placement offers an excellent opportunity to develop the management capabilities of existing employers, particularly those who may not normally have any line management responsibilities.
  • A more engaged workforce: providing a work placement sends a positive message to the wider workforce about the values of the organisation, which can strengthen employee engagement and improve teamwork.
  • Supporting the local community (CSR): investors, customers and service users look more favourably on employers who play an active role in society. Work placements provide a valuable means of creating a positive image, where organisations help address social and unemployment issues in the local community.
  • Contribution to economic development in the local area: by helping to tackle some of the issues around deprivation, social mobility and youth unemployment.

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