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Prevent contamination and potentially dangerous foodborne illness by completing a course in Food Safety on our campus.

Ready for enrolment, our courses here at Blackburn College will better equip anyone working in a catering or hospitality environment. Delivered on our well-appointed, easy-to-navigate campus, our courses will prepare you for a role within hospitality too.

Ideal if you run a business – for example, a restaurant, café, or bar – Food Safety qualifications can give you the peace of mind you need that you and your company is following necessary protocol.

Covering quality and safety throughout the entire food chain, Food Safety courses focus on the conditions and practices that help you preserve and serve ingredients and meals, with a view to ensuring they are safe for consumption.

Foodborne illnesses are preventable, yet there are many hospitality and catering businesses which simply do not keep their Food Safety qualifications up to date. This can lead to potentially dangerous situations, whereby the food you serve simply isn’t safe to eat.

Get prepared, then, and you can rest assured that your business is following all the right regulations to confidently trade and sell to the public.

Sign up for a Food Safety course today and get ready to learn more about food hygiene practices, in a bid to prevent food products from contamination.