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Do you enjoy nothing more than taking pictures on your camera or phone? Perhaps you’re an Instagram fanatic and therefore love playing with photo filters to add more interest to the photographs you’ve snapped for the social media platform.

A Photography course at Blackburn College can help further your knowledge on the subject while also being great fun. Meet others with common interests and learn a host of Photography techniques to help set your pictures and prints aside.

A great way to flex your creative side, a course in Photography on our modern campus will be hugely informative as well as memorable. Learn how to take better photos and try out your newfound skills at home.

Hone your personal style, too – whether you have a flair for portraits of people, or you like taking scenic pictures of the world around you. You might like to display your work in a photographic exhibition or you could want to get better at photographing friends or family; either way, our courses will help you snap key moments in time.

What kinds of jobs can you go into following a Photography course? Anything from a fashion Photographer to a Wedding Photographer; the choice may well be yours if you put in the work.

A popular group of courses, Photography at Blackburn College is a great area of study to get stuck into. Go on; enquire about our courses and discover more about the skills you need to enrol.