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Want to improve basic skills to boost your opportunities in work and life? If so, Foundation Learning courses are hugely beneficial.

Blackburn College is proud to offer Foundation Learning qualifications to those who need them, allowing you to overcome any challenges or stumbling blocks you may have faced in the past. Develop a wealth of skills which will carry you forward into a rewarding career, and meet others like yourself on our friendly and fun Foundation Learning courses.

You needn’t worry about enrolling on a course like this, as it will be delivered in a supportive environment by our team of approachable tutors. When you need advice and further support, you can turn to us, and we will be with you every step of the way.

Our study programmes are designed with you in mind. Learn at your own pace and finish our courses with a vital qualification or two. You will find everything you need to support your learning experience here at Blackburn College; our campus is well equipped, and our people are ready and willing to help you out on your educational path to success.

Want to know more about Foundation Learning courses? We will be happy to tell you all you need to know; just let us know how we can help and if we can answer any of your questions about courses in Foundation Learning.