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Take on a role as a Domestic Gas engineer and it is likely that you will never be out of work. A secure industry with a great many roles available, jobsite Reed suggests salaries for UK-based gas engineers are consistently high.

By enrolling on a Domestic Gas course, you can improve your income as you gain vital experience – whether you opt to work for yourself or for someone else.

A gas engineer needs a variety of skills – from the ability to work with the public to being able to confidently partake in hands-on work. You may also be required to work long hours.Domestic Gas courses at Blackburn College prepare you for the busy world of work and help you get your foot in the door within the Domestic Gas arena.

It’s a competitive industry but one which you will be glad you joined; after all, gas engineers can earn well, and they rarely find themselves without any work to get stuck into.

A challenging role, mentally and physically, the working life of a Gas Engineer is often hectic – but it’s rewarding. Making for a flexible career, Domestic Gas employees will never be chained to an office desk. Instead, they will find themselves out and about regularly, travelling up and down the country, meeting new people and taking on a variety of important projects.