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Is Law and/or Criminology a good career path? Absolutely! Discover why both make excellent career choices and how the two go hand in hand, on a tailored course at Blackburn College.

Designed for people who have a passion for all things legal, our Law and Criminology courses help you learn more about key roles within Law. Take a course on our modern campus and meet like-minded people as you get to grips with the study of Law and criminal justice. If you are a fan of crime dramas and documentaries, you may already have an interest in the law, but do you have the skills to succeed on a course like this? Get in touch for details on entry requirements and more.

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of why people commit offences and when and how criminal justice is applied, you will be keen to find out more about our array of courses. For those who want to become anything from a Court Reporter to a Forensic Accountant, a Criminology and Law course is a great starting point.

Valued by employers, students of Law or Criminology can pursue a host of careers with confidence – even those away from Law. Find out more about our courses and how they can help propel your career.

Maybe now is the time to enquire about courses like ours, which will help you get ahead within the sector.