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Both before you start your Higher Education course at the University Centre at Blackburn College (and during your studies) you may find some information useful.

This includes our Student Agreement, our Tuition Fee Policy and our Complaints Procedure.

These are all documents that we believe you should have access to whilst you are considering which University or Higher Education provider you may wish to choose.

The student agreement

Our Student Agreement outlines the terms and conditions you will have with us if you accept an offer of a place on a Higher Education programme of study at Blackburn College.

Year of entry

Tuition Fee Policy

Our Tuition Fee Policy sets out what we will charge different groups of students for different courses/programmes of study for a specified year.

You can find this information in summarised form elsewhere on our website but you may wish to review the full policy when considering which Higher Education provider to choose.

Year of entry

Tuition Fee Summary

Our Tuition Fee Summary contains fee information for all Higher Education provision.

Access and participation plan

The Office for Students (OfS) is the regulatory body for Higher Education in the UK. One of its roles is to promote and safeguard fair access to and participation in Higher Education. It helps to safeguard fair access to Higher Education by approving and monitoring Access and Participation Plans – documents in which universities and colleges offering Higher Education have to set out their tuition fee limits, the measures they intend to put in place for students and outreach work such as summer schools. All institutions’ agreements are available on the OfS website.

Academic Regulations

University Centre at Blackburn College Academic Regulations for all Higher Education students.

Our Complaints and Compliments Procedure

Blackburn College is committed to providing a high quality learning experience to all its students, however, we recognise that there may be times when you feel the need to raise concerns or even make a complaint about some aspect of your experience with us. As well as resolving your complaint, the College wants to learn from complaints to improve the student experience in future.

We also welcome your compliments and suggestions. We use compliments to help us identify what our students and employers value and highlight as good practice so that we can build on our success and strive to provide exceptional levels of service.

Student Protection Plan

Our Student Protection Plan assesses the risks which may impact upon our students’ continuity of study at Blackburn College and outlines the measures we will take in order to protect their interests in the unlikely event that any of these materialise.

Transparency return

English Higher Education providers are required to complete and submit transparency information to satisfy condition of registration F1, as set out in the OfS regulatory framework. Section 9 of HERA (Higher Education and Research Act 2017) and the Higher Education (Transparency Condition and Financial Support) (England) Regulations 2018, require the Office for Students (OfS) to ensure that the ongoing conditions of registration includes a transparency information condition.

Student transfer information

Information for Higher Education students considering transferring from one course to another.

Statement on the Non-Adoption of the HE Senior Staff Remuneration Code

View/download the Statement on the Reasons for the Non-Adoption of the CUC HE Senior Staff Remuneration Code

Student handbook