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Are you a science buff? Or perhaps you would like to brush up on your scientific knowledge? Whatever your reason for studying science, Physics courses at Blackburn College could be for you.

Helping you to better understand the world around you, a course in Physics can develop your problem-solving skills and ensure you become more of a critical thinker in the process.

What career opportunities might a course in Physics lead to? You could go on to become a research scientist, a Physics teacher, a lab manager or even an optical engineer. Begin your journey to a fruitful career in science by enrolling on one of our courses on our modern campus. Whether you choose to further your studies later or to learn more about Physics for fun, our courses will help enhance your scientific knowledge and broaden your horizons.

If you would like to work within a hospital or other medical setting, a course in Physics is an excellent place to start. Learn how to interpret scientific data and solve quantitative problems, opening up your future career prospects as you do.

Meet others who also love science, and enhance your CV for a new and rewarding career; get in touch to enquire about our selection of Physics courses and learn more about the skills you can hone by signing up for one of them.