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Discover more about the world around us – from different cultures and traditions to political systems and even which countries are the richest (and why) – with a Geography course on our campus here in Blackburn.

College courses in Geography allow you to study the topic in a safe and supportive environment, with friendly tutors who are keen to ensure your experience on campus is nothing short of memorable.

Why study Geography at Blackburn College? It may take you on an entirely new pathway in terms of your career, as Geography can open all kinds of doors. You may decide to work in Europe, for example, or further afield.

The skills you pick up during a course in Geography will be highly transferable, and you can make a difference worldwide, should you wish to. Teach a foreign language, thanks to the knowledge you may gain while on a course in Geography, or travel abroad on business, confident in the knowledge that you will know more about the local customs and traditions.

Whether you plan to stay on UK soil or you would like the confidence to travel internationally, a Geography course will prepare you. It will also help you gain roles within the hospitality industry, particularly if said roles involve working in another country or speaking to people from Europe, for instance.