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How has the past shaped how we live today? History – specifically, the study of it – allows us to delve deeper into why and how people behave around the world and in times gone by.

Looking at key events throughout time, including world wars, History is an informative and fun subject to learn at Blackburn College.

Helping us understand the world more deeply, a History course may also ensure we can better understand ourselves. Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are ideal if you would like to become a Historian or enhance your career prospects in general – and our campus allows you to step out on a path which could be life-changing.

History courses are offered at a range of levels, or you could combine History with another subject – such as History and Politics, for example. Learn how the two merge well educationally by getting in touch with our team here at Blackburn College.

History and Sociology is another great subject pairing. That said, studying the topic on its own will provide an excellent grounding for a Historical role. Perhaps you would like to work in a museum, for example, or as a historical tour guide.

A History course at Blackburn College is a great idea if you would simply like to learn for fun. If History is a subject you didn’t excel at during your school days, perhaps you could revisit it on our campus and gain a newfound appreciation for it.