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Study Programmes:

At Blackburn College, we will tailor a programme of study to meet your individual needs and help you achieve your future goals. Study programmes don’t just include qualifications, but also activities such as tutorials and work-related learning to prepare you for your ‘next steps’ into further/higher education, training or employment.  The majority of study programmes will include English and maths.

Maths and English

Having a good working knowledge of maths and English are two of the most important skills sets a person can have. Without them there are few opportunities and little chance of decent jobs and careers. They are the skills for work, life and learning. All students at Blackburn College will have the opportunity to develop their skills in English and maths to help them achieve their learning goals, help them take their next steps, and make them more employable.

Tutorial and Study Skills

Personal tutoring is the cornerstone of our support for students.  You will meet regularly with your personal tutor  and they will get to know you as an individual.  They will help to guide and support you through your studies . As part of the tutorial programme you will also be encouraged to develop broader skills for independent study and managing your life outside College.  You will have the opportunity to attend workshops and listen to a wide range of guest speakers from all walks of life.

Work Experience

All study programmes will include work-related  activities including external work-experience, where appropriate.  Such activities are designed to bridge the gap between education and the world of work. The aim is to help you become more ‘work-ready’ and employable and to help you make informed choices about your career or next steps.  We will  work with you to build specific occupational skills, and to develop broader, transferrable skills, attitudes and behaviours that will be valued by employers.

Enrichment Activities

Blackburn College is committed to providing opportunities for broadening students’ educational experience and producing well-rounded individuals who are prepared for life and work. Participating in our enrichment programme will enhance your life at college. You will have the opportunity to get involved in a wide-range of daytime and evening activities including which are highly valued by employers and universities and make you stand out from the crowd.