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Prepare yourself for a potentially fruitful career in Business with a course at Blackburn College. Following your studies, you will have a wide range of paths to choose from, including finance, management, accounting, and human resources.

Learn how to apply what you have learned to a prospective or existing Business venture and pick up a host of skills which will serve you well professionally. Time management skills are also key if you want to go into the fast-paced Business world and, on these courses, you will discover more about how to meet your unique goals.

Hone vital teamwork skills too – and learn how to thrive on your own. Whether you want to go into Business in the UK or internationally, you will delve into a host of subjects which will stand you in good stead later.

Discover more about how businesses work and learn about strategy, IT, and communications. If you have a GCSE in Business Studies, you will already be well on your way to success.

Improve your employability by picking up a raft of skills and meeting people like you who are keen to succeed in the Business arena. Even if you don’t put the skills you’ve learned to use within a Business, you can still boost your skillset which could come in handy for personal projects too.