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Would you like to develop a career in Procurement and Purchasing? A wealth of courses is available at Blackburn College, each of which covers one or both topics.

Setting you up for a fruitful and enjoyable career ahead, Procurement and Purchasing courses are as valuable for those just starting out to those who know a little about both topics and would like to brush up a little.

What is procurement? It focuses on the process of product or service sourcing. This includes researching, negotiation, and planning. The purchasing process, meanwhile, looks at how products and services are acquired – and it covers subjects such as arranging payments. It also focuses on raising purchase orders, alongside a host of other topics.

A global professional, Procurement and Purchasing may help you work with a worldwide company and buy things from a global market. If you have designs on working and living abroad, a career in either of these subject areas could be for you.

What kind of skills do you typically need to succeed in either Procurement or Purchasing? You will be a good negotiator and a great problem-solver. You will also be efficient when it comes to planning and managing budgets and you will have fantastic time management skills.

Discover all these skills and more in a course in Procurement and Purchasing at Blackburn College. Find out what skills you need to enrol onto a course like this, as well as the unique skills you will develop during your studies.