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Entering a trade like Bricklaying makes perfect sense – after all, a hands-on skill like this will always be a requirement nationally. As well as building houses, bricklayers might work on everything from repairing walls and chimneys to refurbishing intricate or decorative stonework.

A trade which pays well, Bricklaying is an ideal career choice for anyone who loves working with their hands and enjoys getting outside. Bricklaying can also prove an interesting and rewarding hobby if, for example, you have the knack for it already and are keen to work on your own creative and practical projects.

If you enter the Bricklaying industry, you are likely to find a role relatively quickly – or you could step into the world of self-employment and build up a business locally or even internationally. A recession-proof job, Bricklaying is a valuable skill – and with a current (2022) shortage of bricklayers, you will be preparing yourself for a potentially busy future.

Do you feel comfortable working at heights? If that is you and you have good hand-eye coordination and enjoy practical work, you are made for a Bricklaying course on our campus. Being a good team player is vital, too, as a role in Bricklaying may mean you become part of a company where you will work with others to complete a project.