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Learn a variety of skills on a Construction course at Blackburn College. Following one of our comprehensive courses, you will be in a much better position to join the world of Construction and enjoy a satisfying and long-lasting career in a hands-on industry.

Giving you the ability to work in a variety of places, a Construction course can lead you into working with large building and Construction contractors, or for developers and managers. You might also find yourself taking on projects for professional quantity surveying companies, or for financial institutions.

While you will undoubtedly pick up skills which are valuable in the workplace, you may find a Construction course is useful to allow you to indulge in your own projects more confidently at home. Enrol on one of the courses here and deepen your understanding of the industry.

If you are good at problem solving while being excellent with your hands, a Construction role may be for you. There is room for career growth, too, when you join this exciting and rewarding industry.

First, find out more about enrolling on a Construction course and you will be glad you did. The campus here at Blackburn College provides an excellent environment for learning all about the industry and you could also opt to go into carpentry, town planning, housing management and more. 

Roles within Construction have the potential to pay extremely well too – especially if you are self-employed.