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Do you have a flair for the English language? Whether your passion lies in writing fiction or poetry, an English course at Blackburn College offers ample opportunity for you to flex your creative side.

You may choose to partake in an English Language course or discover more about English Literature. Either way, you will love delving into the origins of our great language and learning more about honing your writing style and engaging with your reader in the process.

Even if you don’t intend to pursue an English course to boost your creativity, you will still pick up vital skills, which you can use in a host of careers and to help you secure a role in the first instance.

A good grasp of the English language will stand you in good stead for a host of professional opportunities, ensuring you can put a well-written CV together and helping you in your personal life.

Brush up on form, structure, spelling, and grammar – and learn how to come up with ideas before you get stuck into any piece of written work. You may choose to enter a career within the academic world, too – working in a school or at a university, for example. Thanks to enrolment on an English course, you will be better equipped for positions like these – and many more besides.

Improve your communication skills and write better poetry and short works of fiction, too. Find out more about our English courses at Blackburn College and get ready to improve your skills while meeting new people.