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Do you own a bar or restaurant? In England and Wales, it is the law that anyone who authorises the sale of alcohol to the public must hold a personal Licence.

At Blackburn College, Licencing certification is therefore available for those who need to acquire it to effectively run a hospitality business.

Discover more about why premises need a Licence and the roles and responsibilities of anyone in charge of running, for instance, a bar. From the Licencing application process to the role and duties of the designated supervisor at the premises, courses in Licencing cover a host of key topics.

Depending on the Licensing course on which you enrol, you may also learn about the content and purpose of operating schedules, the power the police hold regarding suspension and closure of licenced premises, and rights of entry to licenced premises.

A valuable selection of courses for anyone who already owns a venue which sells alcohol, Licencing is also useful for those who are considering running a bar or restaurant.

At Blackburn College, you will learn about Licencing on a modern campus, and you will be taught by tutors who are experts in the subject. Delve into Licencing and meet others like yourself on these comprehensive courses.

Get in touch with our team and discover more about the entry requirements for a Licencing course, and the qualification or certification you will receive on completion of your studies.