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If you are considering pursuing a career in the Electrical industry, an Electrical course at Blackburn College is worth your consideration. Electricians are in high demand – and a course on our campus will equip you for a role as an Electrician or an Electrician’s apprentice.

Gain new skills and meet others like yourself, from those who are keen to polish their existing knowledge to learners who are just starting out in the Electrical and Electronic Engineering arena.

Skilled electricians can work anywhere in the UK, with national demand soaring. Some electricians may choose to pursue a career abroad, too, with many of our courses providing an excellent starting point for learning more about the industry and the trade. The UK market for new homes means the electrical industry is booming, making it a more financially lucrative career than ever before.

If you enjoy working with your hands and are keen to discover what it is like to work in an often public-facing role, a career within Electricals is a consideration for you. Discover the range of courses at Blackburn College and find out more about why becoming an electrician may make good career sense.

A challenging but rewarding path to follow, Electrical Engineering can offer on-the-job training, worldwide opportunities, and the chance to work in a variety of settings. You will also meet new people and you could set up your own business and make your own schedule, if that appeals to you.