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If you are looking to take on a role within Health and Social Care, discover more about the array of courses we offer here at Blackburn College.

On a course like this, you can develop your skills. learn how to think more logically and propose reasoned solutions in a Health and Social Care setting. On our well-appointed campus, you will delve into the topic of Health and Social Care, learning everything you will need to help you begin or further a career within Healthcare.

If you have good communication skills, you are well on your way to succeeding within Health and/or Social Care. Can you work as well on your own as you can as a key member of a large and busy team? These are both good skills to have, if you are keen to enter either of these sectors.

Boost your career prospects on our modern campus and get ready to meet others like you. Our courses are designed with you in mind, with something for everyone at Blackburn College. Enrol on a Healthcare course today and take your first, exciting step to a new career.

Whether you choose to work with society’s most vulnerable people – including less able people – or you would like to go into nursing, our Health and Social Care courses are ideal  for those who love to help and care for others.

Get in touch with our friendly team; we would love to tell you more about our Social Care and Health courses.