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Entry Requirements

You will need 4 GCSEs at grade 5 or above and at least a Grade 5 in GCSE Maths and English Language

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Study Mode

Full time

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2 academic years

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Key features and Benefits

  • Dedicated Sixth Form Centre - for both study and social space
  • 100% A-Level pass rate in 20 subjects. 99% overall A-Level Pass Rate
  • 4 day timetable - use your 5th day for independent study
  • Experienced Tutors - over half are A-Level Examiners

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  • Overview

    Economists are in great demand in all aspects of the business world, local and national governments and universities.

    It is a highly regarded subject that all universities accept as it develops analytical, quantitative, problem-solving and essay writing skills. Students will develop an understanding of current economic issues, problems and institutions that affect everyday life.

    A-Level Economics is a fascinating subject that will see you exploring the concept of a free-market economy and how key social issues such as inequality, unemployment and deficits influence the economy. You will learn all about the political debate behind topics such as free markets, and how economic concepts help us to understand and tackle issues such as climate change, inequality and racism.

  • What will I study?

    A-Level Economics looks at both microeconomics and macroeconomics.

    Microeconomics gives students an opportunity to focus on the economic behaviour of individuals and to analyse, explain and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the market economy and the role of government within it.

    Macroeconomics is concerned with the ‘big picture’ aspects of economic management by government and subsequent policy decisions. Topics such as globalisation, international trade and the role of the financial sector are developed during the second year of study.

    You will study the following topics:

    • The operation of markets and market failure
    • Economic methodology and the economic problem
    • Price determination in a competitive market
    • Production, costs and revenue
    • Competitive and concentrated markets
    • The market mechanism, market failure and government intervention in markets
    • The national economy in a global context
    • The measurement of macroeconomic performance
    • How the macroeconomy works: the circular flow of income, AD/AS analysis, and related concepts
    • Economic performance
    • Macroeconomic policy
  • Entry Requirements

    You will need 4 GCSEs at grade 5 or above. Please note that you will need at least a Grade 5 in GCSE Maths and English Language.

  • How will I be assessed?

    You will sit three examinations at the end of the two years.

  • What can I do next?

    Students usually progress into further study at university where an A-Level in Economics could help you to get a place on a wide variety of degree courses, or alternatively provide a pathway into careers such as Corporate Strategy, Financial Services and Banking.

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100% A-Level pass rate in 20 subjects

August 2022