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Adam Beardsworth

Studied: Level 3 Electrotechnical Apprenticeship 

Previous School: Holly Cross Roman Catholic High School

Now: Working for the Blackburn Council

Helpful, accessible and well-equipped

Adam's three words to describe Blackburn College

What made you decide to study at Blackburn College?

The thing I like best about Blackburn College is that they have good tutors which help and support you through the Apprenticeship. I realised it was a good opportunity to develop my personal skills and my professional skills. I also knew that it could be a lifelong career with good opportunities.


What did you like best about Blackburn College? And why!

The campus at Blackburn College was very good. I like the facilities for the actual course I was doing, there was practical rooms you could develop your skills and the theory side of it there was lots of books available. I also like how it all clicks together and if you have an idea you are able to take that into the workplace situation.


What was the best thing about your course?

The best thing about the Apprenticeship was that I found the tutors helpful and they'll support you in every which way.


What did you think of the campus? For example the atmosphere, facilities and how safe you felt?

The facilities are very good at Blackburn College for the course that I've studied.


What are you doing now?

I'm currently working for Blackburn Council because I realise they're a good opportunity to develop my personal skills and a lifelong career with good opportunities.