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If you want to get a job or climb the ladder in a field like accounting, human resources, management, or purchasing, these courses are for you. Many of our programmes are accredited by chartered institutes, so you can get qualifications that are recognised. 

Whether you want to learn new skills or find your dream job, we have taken away as many obstacles as we can to help you succeed. This includes giving you flexible course options and financial help. 

Did you know? 

We have courses that are paid for by the government, so you might be able to study something you've always wanted to for free. 

If you make less than £19,305 a year, most of our adult courses are free. 

Or, if you earn less than £18,525, don't have a job, or have never taken a Level 3 course (which is the same as an A-level), you can take one of the courses listed here for free. 

Advantages of taking a professional course 

At Blackburn College, we know how important it is to teach skills that are useful in today's workplace and meet industry needs. So, we offer courses just for adults to help you brush up on your skills. 

  • Get qualifications that are recognised by the industry. 
  • The study modules were chosen by hand to meet industry needs. 
  • You can study part-time around your work schedule. 
  • Get professional skills and you'll be ready to take on a senior role. 
  • Get help and advice on how to move forward. 

Contact our Business Development Team to find out how they could help you build your career:

01254 292929