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Are you considering enrolling on a Drawing and Painting course? If so, view the variety of creative courses we offer at Blackburn College.

Helping you get your foot in the door to a variety of careers, a Drawing and Painting course is perfect for those who love all things art.

A vital part of the British economy, art is also important from a cultural point of view – and it’s an area which keeps growing. On a Drawing and Painting course, therefore, you will be exposed to all kinds of mediums, as well as Drawing and Painting styles and key pieces within other cultures.

Why study Drawing and Painting? Offering plenty of opportunities for self-exploration and self-expression, an art course is ideal for those who simply want to improve their skills for use in their leisure time.

Sure, you may boost your prospects when it comes to gaining a role within the art industry, but you will also be better prepared to put your all into a host of personal projects.

Discover why people like you enrol onto a Drawing and Painting course. Some people are simply keen to meet others like themselves while indulging in a much-loved hobby, while many enrol because they want to improve existing skills or hone new ones.

Improving your cognitive development and helping you relax, Drawing and Painting is incredibly therapeutic, with our courses being ideal for a wealth of different people.