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Would you like to develop a range of creative and practical skills? If you do, a course in Fine Art is the route to take.

Helping you develop individual ideas and put your talents to great use, Art courses at Blackburn College are fun, memorable, and educational. Delve into the world of Art and discover a range of artistic styles, both traditional and contemporary.

Working on your own or collaboratively, a Fine Art course will provide you with vital research experience as well. From presentational skills to analytical talents, a course like this is designed to boost your confidence when it comes to working on – and showing off – your personal style.

Keen to become an artist? These courses will help you prepare. Even if you’re not overly artistic, a Fine Art course will help you delve deeper into Fine Art and its origins. With a rich history, Fine Art can open your eyes to colour, form, and differing personal styles, allowing you to express yourself artistically while admiring and championing the work of your other course mates.

You may decide not to go into art as a career, but a course that focuses on Fine Art can still stand you in good stead personally, allowing you to become more creative and take time out to de-stress in the process. Art is extremely therapeutic, with a course in Fine Art giving you the skills and determination needed to create more art for yourself or someone else.