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What exactly is Microsoft Suite? Also known as Microsoft Office, it’s a group of software programmes provided by Microsoft – and learning all about it on a comprehensive course may help give you the edge if you want to apply for a job in an office.

A Microsoft Suite course at Blackburn College may also be useful if you simply want to brush up on everyday computer skills.

Microsoft Suite includes Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDrive. Microsoft Teams is software from which you can make a video call online – and for free, which isn’t just useful for those who work in offices; it can also help you stay connected with family who live overseas.

Microsoft Word helps you type and save documents – from essays to CVs and letters. Excel, meanwhile, is useful for creating budgets and other handy tables to collate all kinds of information.

PowerPoint helps you make presentations online, ahead of a job interview, for example. Outlook is Microsoft’s own email platform, OneNote is a convenient digital note-taking app, while OneDrive is a place to easily store large files. Learn about all these programmes on a Microsoft course on our campus and you will be ready to tackle almost anything online.

You may want to learn more about Microsoft Suite to help you with some personal projects, or you might want to boost your confidence before you start a new role. Either way, our Microsoft Suite courses will prove extremely valuable if you want to further your skills.