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  • Overview

    Dates are available upon request, please contact 01254 292451 or email for further information.

    This assessment is required for operatives who wish to expand their scope of work and become a gas engineer. Successful completion of the assessment will allow an individual to become gas safe registered which is a requirement before working on gas.

    A re-assessment of (CCLP1) Core Domestic Safety – LPG, which is required every five years, is also available.

  • What will I study?

    Training is available prior to carrying out the assessment if required.

  • Entry requirements

    For the initial assessment candidates must be experienced within the Mechanical Engineering Sector working alongside a registered gas engineer and hold a relevant qualification.

    For re-assessment, candidates must already be accredited with (CCLP1) Core Domestic Safety - LPG.

  • How will I be assessed?

    Candidates will complete a series of written and practical assessments.

  • What can I do next?

    Candidates may consider looking to add other LPG appliances to expand their scope of work.

    We offer a wide range of Gas courses. Contact the Gas team on 01254 292451/01254 292500 or email

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