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Accidents, by their very nature, are unpredictable – but a First Aid course can better prepare you for when they do happen. Convenient both in and outside of the workplace, First Aid knowledge is vital if you want to ensure you are always ready should the unexpected occur.

If you own a business, you will likely want to train your staff in basic First Aid, as well as yourself. Doing so could be the difference between life and death, meaning you can confidently do what you need to do, but with minimal stress.

Handle situations in a more relaxed manner, thanks to the transferable skills you will pick up on one of our First Aid courses. Helping save lives, First Aid skills can ensure you are ready to reduce a person’s recovery time when an accident arises.

First Aid courses will teach you simple, easy-to-remember acronyms, designed to help you act fast in an emergency. You can increase the overall comfort of an employee or colleague, too, by knowing exactly what position(s) to get them into should an accident happen in the workplace.

Relieve a patient’s discomfort and be ready to impart emotional support. When you don’t have a First Aid kit to hand, you may be able to use household or other objects in the office or on a construction site, for example. You will find out what you can substitute basic First Aid items for, should you need to.

Encouraging better safety at work and home, First Aid courses are designed to give everyone peace of mind.