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Key features and benefits

  • CIPD membership gives you access to the largest collection of online HR and Learning and Development resources available in the world
  • Courses available from Level 3 to Level 7
  • Experienced tutors and high levels of support
  • We are a CIPD Approved Centre and provide teaching on the national CIPD scheme, with CIPD awarded qualifications, that mean you have international portability and recognition of your attainment and qualification once completed
  • We are rated in the highest banding of quality assurance by the CIPD that expresses their confidence in our teaching and administration of the programme
  • Pastoral student support from tutors and other support staff for those times when you may need a little more help
  • Online virtual learning environment, based upon the Moodle platform, to support the CIPD website resources, for all year-round study support and resources
  • Teacher-trained and CIPD qualified teaching staff who have worked in industry and commerce and have obtained high levels of academic achievement themselves and we have a proven track record of quality teaching and student achievement
  • Right-sized classes that will enable you to feel comfortable and supported in your learning

Whether you’re starting out in your HR career or already working within a support level role, the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice will provide you with a solid foundation of all areas of HR and develop the essential skills and confidence you need to progress your career further.

  • Overview

    Whether you’re starting out in your HR career or already working within a support level role, the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice will provide you with a solid foundation of all areas of HR and develop the essential skills and confidence you need to progress your career further. It is suited to individuals who are:

    • looking to get into HR, or progress in a new HR role
    • working at a support level, e.g. HR Administrator/HR Officer
    • a non-HR manager with people management or HR responsibility
    • looking to prove your credibility and become a CIPD professional member – successful completion of this qualification automatically leads to Associate membership of the CIPD, the first level of professional membership


    The course fees are £1,295.00 per person. In addition, you will be required to pay direct to the CIPD a joining fee of £40.00 and an annual subscription fee, currently £98 (subject to change). Students are recommended to purchase the current course book published by CIPD.

    Please note: You must remain in membership throughout all the time that you are both on the course and waiting for your certificate to be awarded. The CIPD will not process certificates for anyone who is not in membership, and dealing with such cases can delay the entire group from being processed in a timely manner by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.


    The first part of the application process is to submit your up-to-date Curriculum Vitae along with the enclosed Diagnostic sheet by email to The Programme Director cannot consider your application until this is received (if you have already done this already for this level and been accepted, you may ignore this part of the process). You may then be either offered a place, or be invited in for interview (or interviewed by telephone) to decide if this is the most appropriate course for you. No monies will be taken until you have been awarded a place on the course. Further joining details will be provided, once the initial decision has been taken.

  • What will I study?

    To gain your CIPD Foundation Certificate you must complete the following units:

    3CO01 Business. culture and change in context

    • RQF level: 3
    • Credit value: 5

    You will develop an understanding of the key external influences that impact on businesses and the context within which they operate, including discussing how and why organisations set goals. You will define workplace culture and how people’s behaviour shapes it. You will explain how organisations are whole systems and how your actions affect others. You will also discuss how people learn, adapt and develop in different ways. The concept of change is a key focus of this unit and you will explain how people professionals impact people in different ways and the importance of how focused project planning directs change in manageable ways.

    3CO02 Principles of analytics

    • RQF level: 3
    • Credit value: 4

    You will cover how evidence-based practice informs measures and outcomes and how it is applied within your organisation. You will explain the importance of using data, the different types of data measurement and how these are used to inform decision making, including interpreting basic financial information using critical thinking skills and common calculations. You will review the concept of creating value, explaining how your organisation approaches this for its customers and stakeholders. Finally, you will cover the role of analytics and other technology in enhancing working practices, including the associated risks.

    3CO03 Core behaviours for people professionals

    • RQF level: 3
    • Credit value: 4

    You will develop insight into different approaches to customer focus using ethical principles to inform your approach to work. You will evaluate ethical values and contextualise them within your work, specifying the ways in which you conform to associated regulation and law. The importance of positive ways of working will be examined and you will use this to clarify problems and issues as well as contributing views and opinions in a respectful and inclusive manner. You will also discuss ways in which you recognise and accept your own mistakes and show empathy to others. Finally, you will examine the concept of reflective practice aimed at consolidating and improving your professional knowledge, skills and experience.

    3CO04 Essentials of people practice

    • RQF level: 3
    • Credit value: 11

    You will gain skills around effective recruitment, selection, and appointment of individuals through the assessment of employee lifecycles, including where you are placed within this. Contrasting different recruitment and selection methods will also support your application of skills that relate to contributing to effective recruitment. You will learn different recruitment and selection methods and ways of preparing material for job roles and to attract candidates. You will also shortlist candidates and participate in a selection interview and the associated follow-up actions. Understanding legislation and organisational practices is a vital part of this unit, as is the meaning of diversity and inclusion in respect of recruitment and employee relationships. Finally, you will explain factors associated with performance management and the role of appraisal.

  • Entry Requirements

    There are no formal entry requirements but you will need to submit a copy of your CV (and Diagnostic form) for consideration for acceptance onto this course showing that you will benefit from studying on this qualification.

    Email to request.

  • How will I be assessed?

    Core assignments for each module.

    There are no exams.

  • What can I do next?

    Following successful completion of the Certificate course, you may consider taking the CIPD Intermediate Diploma in People Management (Level 5) and then later, with the appropriate seniority in job role, the CIPD Advanced Diploma in Strategic People Management (post graduate Masters Level 7).

  • For more information

    For more information about this course, contact our specialist team on 01254 29 25 00 or email

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