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For those with an enquiring mind, a Science course at Blackburn College will prove hugely beneficial – professionally and personally. You may, for example, want to go into a scientific role following your studies, or you might simply want to satisfy your appetite for learning more about the world around us.

Discover more about the universe and how scientific research and experimentation can further our society. You might choose to later apply for a role within the pharmaceutical industry or even go into teaching once you have completed your studies; Science teachers can shape youngsters’ lives while enjoying a hugely rewarding career.

If you are a natural problem-solver and an analytical thinker, you are made for a course in Science. You may want to brush up on Science if you didn’t achieve the results you wanted at school, or you might want to further your studies for fun.

Learn about the development of new technologies and discover how to solve problems in a scientific way; contact our team, who will be keen to tell you more about our courses and any entry requirements prior to enrolment.

Our campus (rated ‘Good’ by Ofsted, 2022) is well-equipped and easy to find your way around, while our Science course tutors are experts in their field and are ready to teach you all they know to help you get ahead in work and life. Discover why hundreds of people study Science at Blackburn College by calling our team today.