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Do you have a keen interest in Politics? If so, a course in Politics at Blackburn College could be the right route to take.

The study of how governments – and governmental policies – work, Politics helps you know and understand your rights, and how to fight for them. A fundamental part of our society, a good insight into political beliefs around the globe will give you a broader understanding of how the world is run.

Learn about government, international relations, and political theory, meeting like-minded people and exercising your communication skills. Giving you the chance to gain a wealth of transferable skills, Politics courses teach you how to research information. You will also learn how to critically analyse any information you glean, honing written and verbal skills along the way.

What kind of roles can you go on to secure following a course in Politics? You may want to become a Politics teacher or tutor, or even get involved in Politics in your local area. A Politics course could also stand you in good stead for a career in journalism. In fact, many journalism courses combine a Politics module, too, since much of journalists’ working day is spent reporting local or national political news.

If you are keen to know more about Politics courses at Blackburn College, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team, who will be happy to tell you more about what to expect following enrolment.