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Entry Requirements

You will need 4 GCSEs at grade 5 or above with at least a grade 4 in GCSE Maths. You will also need a grade 5 in GCSE English Language, Maths and grade 5,5 in Core and Additional Science.

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Study Mode

Full time


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2 academic years


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Key features and Benefits

  • Dedicated Sixth Form Centre - for both study and social space
  • 100% A-Level pass rate in 20 subjects. 99% overall A-Level Pass Rate
  • 4 day timetable - use your 5th day for independent study
  • Experienced Tutors - over half are A-Level Examiners

Psychology is constantly relevant, dynamic and endlessly fascinating.

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  • Overview

    Psychology is constantly relevant, dynamic and endlessly fascinating. It is one of the most popular A Level subjects and the department has an enthusiastic and friendly team of experienced lecturers.

    Psychology is the study of behaviour and mental processes. It aims to understand how people think and what they do, as well as gaining an understanding of their deeper motivations. Psychology is important in terms of understanding any human activity. For example it can be applied to our well-being (e.g. stress, mental illness), or to the way we interact with others (e.g. relationship formation, conformity and obedience) or to how we might solve problems. These are but a few examples…Psychology has countless other applications.

    The department at Blackburn College offers fantastic opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge of psychology in the real world. Past activities have included, for example, our attendance at a Criminal Psychology Conference, and we have also co-organised a sixth form trip to Krakow and Prague (close to the birthplace of Sigmund Freud).

  • What will I study?

    In the first year you will study:

    • Memory, Attachment and Research methods
    • Social Influence, Psychopathology and Approaches in Psychology

    In the second year you will study:

    • Research methods and Biopsychology
    • Issues and Debates in Psychology, Stress, Relationships, and Forensic Psychology
  • Entry Requirements

    You will need 4 GCSEs at grade 5 or above in GCSE Maths and English Language and 55 in Core and Additional Sciences.

  • How will I be assessed?

    You will be assessed at the end of the second year by 3 x 2 hour exams (multiple choice, short answer and extended writing – 16 mark essay).

    Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology
    Paper 2: Psychology in Context
    Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology

  • What can I do next?

    Psychology offers good career prospects in a range of areas including clinical, forensic, occupational and educational psychology. The skills you learn will also readily transfer to many other careers. These skills include oral and written communication, problem-solving and the ability to carry out independent research.

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100% A Level Pass Rate in 20 Subjects

Blackburn College Results, August 2021
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