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Our Employability Commitment to You

At Blackburn University Centre we put the employability of our students at the heart of everything we do.

When we say ‘employability’ we use a simple and personalised definition – we aim to give each and every one of our students the best possible chance of joining, and sustaining, their chosen career path.

This applies equally to full-time students, and to those in a part-time capacity who are already combining work and study. We start work on employability long before we even enrol our first student.

Every one of our many courses is designed by a team of academic specialists from the University Centre at Blackburn College and our Partner Universities working closely alongside experts from within the profession or industry concerned. That way, you can be sure that the course is academically strong, and meets the needs of the people who are going to employ you. 

Industry Experts

To ensure the day to day focus on employability remains strong we involve employers in the delivery and assessment in all sorts of ways.

On some courses, you will find that key sessions throughout the academic year are delivered by industry experts as an integral part of the course team, enabling you to get updates on the very latest developments as they are occurring.

For other courses, we have set up a series of workplace mentors, who act as your link between work and the University Centre, helping to ensure delivery of the required knowledge and skills. We will organise regular employer events and also bring in guest speakers who have local, national or international reputations, and a passion for sharing their expertise to maximise your employability. Our annual exhibition of the work of our art and design students is backed by a number of leading industry figures, some of whom started out studying here at the University Centre.

Career Support

As you would expect, our academic focus on employability is backed by an equally strong emphasis on the practical and pastoral aspects of life at the University Centre. Every one of our students has timetabled tutorial sessions, and the content of these covers practical advice in support of fine-tuning your CV, applying for jobs etc; and your Course Tutor will supply job references which are targeted firmly upon the skills which your chosen profession or industry most values.

In order to enhance student’s prospects we have developed excellent relationships with Careers Advisors as well as having our own Careers Office in the College. We are as passionate as you are about equality and diversity, and we provide comprehensive and personalised support for all students who need it, and our specialist disability team ensures that you have all the support you need to succeed.