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Carl Hatch

Studied: BA (Hons) Psychology

Now: Masters in Counterterrorism at UCLan

Fun,, motivational and friendly

What made you decide to study at University Centre Blackburn College?

I really wanted to fulfil my ambitions of being a counsellor and working I work in care. I wanted to be a counsellor to pass on my sort of experiences towards other people that's experienced similar situations as me.


What did you like best about the University Centre?

The best thing about studying at Blackburn was just the support that you get making that study experience easy. 


What did you like best about your course?

The best thing about the course was that they made the study experience easy. It's been 30 plus years since I've been in education and it was a bit of a worry for me coming into this level as well at such an older age.


What did you think of the campus? - the atmosphere, the facilities and how safe it was?

The campus is superb so you're not getting that overwhelming factor of a big campus like doing the major cities. 


What are you doing now?

I've started at UCLan in Preston and I'm doing counter terrorism and Homeland Security as a masters.. I currently do not know what doors are going to open but Blackburn College have helped me with guest appearances during seminars.