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Mohammad Baqai

Studied: FDA Accounting

Now: Studying a top up Degree

Friendly, supportive and beautiful.

What made you decide to study at University Centre Blackburn College?

before anything I just do a lot of research and uh I got like that time when I was researching I thought like uh Blackman College doing quite well and some of my colleagues and some of my friends told me that rather than going anywhere else you can get um I mean degree from blubber College because uh if you will be in University Centre you will get the degree from Lancaster.


What did you like best about your course?

I felt like you know the method of teaching in Blackman College especially with my account and tax teacher Mr Mark O'Neill I think you know when you are in Blackman college and giving full attention in the class.


What did you think about the campus - the atmosphere, the facilities and how safe it was?

It was quite friendly especially the relation between teachers and students.


What are your plans for the future and how will Blackburn College help you achieve your graduation?

I'm already enrolled for my Top-Up degree and also with that degree I'll be grade 7 employee in HMRC, so I think that is the biggest achievement for me.